The Executive Suite—the C-Suite—it’s where much of the magic happens in your organization and business.

Capture it. Communicate it. And make sure the great things happening in the C-Suite and among your leadership team reach their full potential.

Ninety-one percent of employees say communication issues can drag executives down.
— Harvard Business Review

Virginia Santy, Ph.D., Founder, Executive Suite Communication


Strategic Communication Planning

 Ensure your communication, both internal and outward- facing, achieves your goals and moves your business forward. Engage our strategic communication process or plans to address a particular situation or broad organizational goals.

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Change Management Communication

Leadership transitions, policy or procedural adjustments, mergers, acquisitions, or liquidity events. Change is a big investment. Ensure its success through thoughtful communication activities.

Attention Management

Attention is the most valuable resource within your organization and among your stakeholders. Direct the flow, quality, and quantity of communication throughout your organization to make use of attention and maximize efficiency and accuracy.

Thought Leadership

Demonstrate your leadership and expertise and make a greater contribution to your industry. Identify thought leadership themes and spaces for the executive suite and your organization and build something to feature what you and your business have to offer, in turn driving stakeholder engagement, business development, visibility, and credibility.


Curriculum Development

Show your teams you value them by investing in quality instruction that respects their time and capitalizes on their attention. Effectively teach, train, or relay information to internal and external stakeholders, and create additional revenue streams through curriculum and info-based materials and products.


Professional Development

Communication is always happening, whether we are aware of it or not. Invest in your professional development and enhance all areas of your communication--from running effective meetings to polishing your presentation skills—executive level professional development and coaching will optimize your interactions with others and the results you see.

Personal Branding

Corporate culture is out, personal branding is in. Invest in branding for the executive suite, and for employees, to drive recruitment, enhance retention, and create visibility for your business.


For Women

Women face unique challenges in leadership and communication. Address those challenges through conscientious strategies designed to alleviate pain points and cultivate success. Professional coaching, development, and strategic communication planning for executive women.

Leadership is a way of thinking, a way of acting, and most importantly, a way of communicating.
— Simon Sinek

The Team

Virginia Santy, Ph.d.

Virginia Santy is founder and principal at Executive Suite Communication. She received her doctorate in strategic communication from UC-Boulder and has ten years experience in strategic communication consulting around an array of social issues and business development challenges. Her work is published in a range of academic and professional outlets.

John Santy

John Santy

John Santy has combined thousands of hours of directed research and active practice in communication and education to become an expert in strategic communication and the dissemination of information. With bachelor's degrees in both education and interpersonal and organizational communication, John understands the importance of forthright, honest, and timely communication in leadership. John has cultivated best practices in effective and appropriate communication across all mediums. He has incorporated cutting edge ideas in active learning and constructivist education and has balanced curriculum essential for the effective delivery of ideas and initiatives. John aims to enhance interpersonal values, organizational culture, and executive leadership through education and strategic communication.

John and Virginia --that's right, they're siblings!-- circa 1988.

John and Virginia --that's right, they're siblings!-- circa 1988.