You can’t not communicate. Even silence speaks volumes. Make sure your communication is proactive, deliberate, and in service to achieving measurable goals.

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“The strategic communication plan we received from Virginia took our organization to the next level.”

-Donna Frost
Book Trust

“[ESC] helped us understand our internal communication needs and how best to manage the flow of information to our employees and stakeholders.”

-Kim Irby
Telligen/National Coordinating Center for the Center for Medicare, Medicaid Services

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“Quite plainly, ESC took a notion I had for a book and turned it into reality. The guidance they provided every step of the way kept the project on task, and kept me inspired. I am now embarking on a national book tour! Working with ESC on my thought leadership has literally made a dream come true.”

– Don Burnes
Founder and Director
The Burnes Center for Poverty and Homelessness

“When you know your own work and content so well, sometimes you need an outside perspective. Virginia provided an external view and helped organize our ideas and programming into a curriculum outline that will convert into an additional revenue stream.”

-Kirk Dando
Founder and CEO
Dando Advisors

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“Working with [ESC] helped us implement changes in direction and strategy accompanying our Strategic Plan. Virginia and her team engaged all stakeholders and helped garner support for the Plan throughout the process. Her communication of it and messaging around it made the information accessible, which helped with compliance. We’d be thrilled to work with her again.”

-Marin Stanek
Assistant Vice Chancellor for IT
Deputy Chief Information Officer for CU-Boulder.
Academic Technology CU-Boulder

“Virginia, John, and ESC have worked with our leadership team, our staff, and our board to increase communication skills and get us thinking more strategically from a communication perspective. Everyone loves her workshops—they are well-attended and I see our staff put the skills they learn from her to use.”

-Erin Pulling
President & CEO
Project Angel Heart

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““A friend recommended I get in touch with ESC as I was navigating a career change. We worked on my brand, my story, and how to leverage my time and expertise as a television journalist to launch my own business. I love what I am doing now, and ESC helped make my move thrilling and fulfilling.”

-Kyle Dyer
Founder and CEO
Kyle Dyer Storytelling

“Virginia’s work on behalf of women is inspirational. Her knowledge of the landscape when it comes to women, leadership, and work means she helps clients circumnavigate pitfalls, and her pragmatic advice is focused on results. She’ll transform you—honing your vision, burnishing your professional approach, and getting you to the place you want to be.”

-Lisa Woods